Hi, This is Bartosz Horajecki

I have a Master's degree in English, but it was not at the university where I learned to speak English freely. After college, I made friends with a group of foreigners, started traveling and, most importantly, using English. I love this language and the possibilities it gives me every day. Learning vocabulary, grammar or correct pronunciation is very important, but not of much importance if you are not using this knowledge in practice. I will make you speak English and use the language to broaden your horizons.

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IT specialist

" great classes, fully recommend"



personal trainer

“I’m really happy that I made Bartosz acquaintance. He’s passionate about teaching. I like his creativity attitude to the every lesson that I not only improve my English skills but also broaden my horizons.That the reason why every class is interesting and makes fun. I wish I had had such a inspiring teacher at the school:) Thank you Bartosz for your efforts. ”



lawyer, Chile

“ Bartosz is an excellent and dedicated teacher. He prepare every class and I have improved in my English skills in this period. ”



financial specialist

" I can't highly recommend Bart as a teacher. He is always punctual and the classes are never boring. That's why I am still motivated. There's always some homework and it's not a typical one! Topics are suitable to my needs. Check him out and find out how great he is "



math teacher

" He is a perfect teacher for those of you who want to speak as much as possible. He motivates and makes you speak, a lot! There is friendly and fun atmosphere during the classes. He can push you and demand a lot but you don't feel lost or confused at the same time. I am sure I will continue our classes"

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