Welcome to the Conversation Club

I have a dream. I have a dream that...

I have a dream to create a place where people can overcome their fear of speaking English. I have a dream to gather people who can share their knowledge, advice and experiences using a foreign language. We meet with an open mind, without judging or a school approach. By joining us, you will help me achieve this dream, and I will give you the opportunity to use your English with confidence and in a natural way. 

Just stop learning all the time, start speaking English. Treat the conversation club as a reward for all your studying. Sail away from the safe harbour and embark on a wonderful journey to your speaking goals. EXPLORE, DREAM, SPEAK. .. Conversation Club .

IMPORTANT: join our Facebook group for more details and the links to the meetings/ dołącz do naszej grupy

Polish speakers 🇵🇱 https://www.facebook.com/groups/angielskizadarmo 

International speakers 🌍 https://www.facebook.com/groups/conversationclubeng


During the meeting you will have the opportunity to chat with other English learners. We meet on the ZOOM platform. When you meet a new person, start with a short introduction - who you are, where you are from, what you do in life or are passionate about. Then move on to the discussion based on the questions I have prepared (we all fear the 'awkward silence', right?). Ultimately, during an hour meeting, you will be mixed up every 20 minutes - 3 mini conversations in groups of 2-3 people). Other forms of meetings are also possible:) My goal is to gather native and non-native speakers from all around the world. This will allow us to broaden our horizons, listen to different accents, eliminate the possibility of using the mother tongue and understand intercultural differences.

Every conversation is valuable and pushes you and your English forward. The more you speak, the faster you will become fluent, confident and develop your vocabulary. Do you think you'll only use English in your life with advanced/ native speakers? Of course not. 75% of conversations in English take place without the participation of Americans, Brits and other native speakers. Understanding different types of pronunciation and different accents is a basic language skill. 

  • If your friends can't find a proper word and you know it, help them. 
  • If you're asked for it, sure, go ahead. 
  • If your friends are not confident and stressed. Don't interrupt them. 
  • If the conversation doesn't go smoothly, don't correct, focus on fluency.

As for now, the meetings will be suitable for intermediate and more advanced speakers. A more fluent person will help you and a weaker friend will be able to learn something from you. Remember, you play a different role in every conversation. You will encounter the same situations in everyday life. If you don't know what your level is, send me an email. I will explain everything to you in a message or a video conversation 😉

Check your internet connection https://www.speedtest.net/You need at least 2Mb/s download and upload speed. External microphone or headset will provide better sound quality. Take a notebook if you want to note new expressions. 

If you don't have a computer, a smartphone or tablet will also do.

Please have your camera on. Let me tell you why it is so important.

  • when we see each other we can understand each other better, lipread, read intentions and emotions.
  • Do you study just to speak over the phone? I don't think so..
  • when you see your partner you can say sth nice and break the ice, for example Wow, your tattoo looks amazing, where did you get it?/I like your bookshelf, what do you like reading?

If you want, why not?! But first try your best to explain the missing word, use a synonym. If there's no way to express it, use the dictionary. Then note down this new word and learn it. You want to make progress, don't you?

The beginnings are always hard. You don't know anyone, it's a new situation for you. The first click, contact with me, participation in first meeting and changing the way you think about your 'bad English' will be most challenging. Don't worry, I'll be there for you. It will get better and easier with each conversation and you will soon start helping others.

The biggest mistake is waiting for the moment, when you're ready and confident to speak English. Remember, this time WILL NEVER COME. Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect. You have to start speaking. 

Do you remember my story from the home page? I had been waiting way too long...I don't want you to make the same mistake. 

So, are you ready? Contact me and start speaking English.