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my teaching style

I know how easy it is to lose your motivation to learn, so my goal is to develop your passion for language and immerse you in it every day. I want you to become an independent student- explorer. You will make faster progress if, apart from classes with me, you will watch, read and listen the content that interests you. I would forget the most important thing, I will do my best to make you speak English without complexes and more than ever before. We practice grammar in speaking, and activate vocabulary in speaking. I guess speaking freely is your goal, isn't it? How about meeting people from all over the world? I will help you understand other accents and broaden your horizons. 

my lifestyle

I love traveling, I have already visited over 30 countries, I have lived and worked in several of them. I watch movies, read and talk about it. I am fascinated by other cultures and the beauty of nature. I am addicted to sport. I regularly play football (in the past professionally), I love hiking in the mountains, sleeping in a tent and running. In Indonesia I fell in love with surfing and I hope the best waves are yet to catch. I have to say that all of the above aspects of my life are directly or indirectly related to the English language - a passport to a better life! what are your dreams? 

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